Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspire Project 52-44

Last weekend Sandra and I decided to take it upon ourselves to have our own little lighting refresher course, it was a blast and we learned quite a bit... for example in this photo, I learned that I forgot the hair light! whoops. I just really liked this photo, she looks beautiful and angelic! There are others I'll have to share too :)

Inspire Project 52-45

I have gotten a little behind on my "Inspire project" but mostly because I've been shooting :) This months category is portraits and since you've seen a zillion of my son (and you'll see more too) I figured I would start with my little girl :) My puppy is the best dog in the world and I know we all say that about our dogs but she truly is! She is so friendly, she is a watch dog, she is so smart, and a good listener, she loves to snuggle and loves just about everything, other than her baby brother, but I'm sure that will change.
Maisey has a sister who lives with my sister and they just love each other and love playing together, it's so cute.
Show me some of your portrait photos!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Engagement Shoot- New Haven, CT

Last Friday, Kaylin & Raul and I spent the bitterly cold, windy afternoon down on the beach in New Haven, at Light House Park. I for one had a blast (and I think they had a pretty good time too!) I hadn't met Raul yet and he was absolutely hysterical, which lead for some laughs and glares from Kaylin! Despite the cold they were such troopers dealing with the winter conditions for the shoot... here are some of my favorites, and you can find all my favorites in this slide show.
I LOVE this whole scene the sky, the grass their moment... Love it :)
Raul was full of "tricks" that kept us all laughing!

They are so cute together, full of little moments
And... the dip
The sun was just starting to set, love this causal moment with a little lens flair from the sun.
KK + RV = Love
See what I mean, they were just full of great moments, and Raul has a way of making Kaylin smile in the most natural way, they were awesome!
And this photo pretty much sums up our afternoon
Kaylin & Raul- I had such a great time photographing you two, you make such an awesome couple full of fun and great smiles. I know you will be living at a distance for some time and hope you have these photos to remind you how happy you make one another and come June you'll be married! Looking forward to your wedding! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The C Family Welcomes Baby 'C'

Back in the fall I photographed this great family for 'E's first birthday... since then they have welcomed a new member to their family... baby 'C'. He was born 2 weeks early and was the perfect addition to the already perfect family. Here are some of my favorites. And don't forget to check out the slide show too!
The whole family
Big brother 'E' is just so adorable to me and he was such a show stealer... but how could you not be!

Mommy and Baby 'C' so precious
Love those kisses!
'C' was such a good boy, photos awake, asleep he was so cooperative!
Just adorable

can you tell I liked those? :)

So cute, E wanted to give his brother a kiss, what a good big brother!

I love the paci laying in this photo
Daddy and 'E' playing the "drums" so freakin cute!
Mommy, Daddy and baby 'C'
Amanda and Dave- You make GREAT looking kids and I can't wait to continue to photograph them as they get older. It was great to see you as always, and Amanda you look wonderful 3 weeks pp! It was so nice to meet your dad, there are some great pics of the boys with him too, what a great family! I hope you are getting some sleep and enjoying every minute, for as you know, it goes so quickly! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Newborn Baby 'A'

After having my own newborn I enjoy photographing others that much more, and I guess because as much as they are all the same, they are all so different! Baby 'A' was such a good girl for her shoot, she was awake, and asleep and gave us some great photo ops! I feel like she was posing with her hand to her face in this photo
I love all these with the cute little hat her mom brought, what's not to love about naked babies!
Just look at her adorable features and how peaceful she is!
It amazes me how quickly babies grow but I've noticed how quickly their hands and feet grow too. I love this because I feel like it shows her age w/ her clenched fist, you know she's a tiny peanut!
This is another favorite, I love how soundly 'A' is sleeping even when we put the weight of her parents rings on her piggy toes. I love what this stands for too!

There is something about this adorable grin that just captured me and check out that little dimple in her cheek!
So sleepy :)
I had such a great time meeting and photographing this sweet little girl. I can't wait to see her in a few months to see how much she's grown in such a short period of time. If you are expecting or have a little one you'd like to have photographed, send me an email and set up your appointment today!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspire Project 52-47

There are SO many things that I could write about with the Love topic that 4 weeks just simply won't cover, but in this I kind-of got a 6 for 1! Watch how many things just in this simple photo that I love! Love... I love more than life itself, more than I ever thought possible, my son, Michael. What's not to love? I also Love my mom for making this Valentines tie, which he is so freaking handsome in! I love the swing that he is napping in. I love my husband for his dashing good looks that he passed down to my son. I love Old Navy and Carters for making cute boy clothes (because I didn't think they existed before I had him) and mostly I love my Canon cameras for letting me capture this moment and sharing it all with you! Come out of the snow banks folks and share some of your LOVE with me!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Inspire Project 52-48

This months 'category' for our Inspire project is LOVE. It was kind of a toughie, was it things you love, places you love, people you love, what is love? But then we figured we could classify it any way we wanted, but what better month than February to show Love?! I'm sure all of you would expect to see photos of my son, which I'm sure there will be, but I'm trying to think a little outside of the norm and come up with other things too... and something I do love... my starbies!!! I don't know why that $6.00 cup gets me all excited, but it does! Of course I can honestly admit that I've never had a real cup of coffee from them, but I just LOVE all their speciality drinks, yum!!! So what is it that you think of with LOVE? (Kristen S this was your idea, I best see or at least hear about your love!!!)